Brinker Carpets grows and prospers with three well positioned brand labels in Europe.

Brinker Carpets is a beautiful Dutch family business leading in carpets, which are sold to end-users through interior retailers and residential stores. In order to position the brand stronger internationally, we renewed its complete branding and marketing. Besides the main brand BRINKER FEEL GOOD CARPETS there is now a trendy, affordable FESTIVAL collection and an IDEA CUSTOM DESIGN collection.

The new international branding has been activated with new brand themes, photography + interior styling, catchy catalogues on a larger format, retail marketing, promotions with the trendy brand VanMoof bikes, new retail showroom + shop-in-shop concept, social media, and a modern designed full-screen website. Due to the international growth, the catalogues and website are now in English.

The new brand is made on craftsmanship.




In 30 years we have grown dozens of international home & interior brands.

The new brand concept is distinctive, modern and fits the international ambition of this company. The brand design is simple-sophisticated with a clear close focus on products and interior experience. The new photography of all carpets by Hans Bakema and styling by Elbert Sterk has been kept very pure. The typography is special because of the fonts MUSEO SANS and MUSEO SLAB by Dutch font expert Jos Buivenga. All the branding and marketing direction is done by Percy Labrijn.

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