In all operation plants of
Royal FrieslandCampina it is vital: 
WorldClass the way we work.

The purpose of Royal FrieslandCampina: What we do adds value. Value in nutrition. Value for nature. Value for people. Young and old, consumer and customer, citizen and society. And in that way we add value for the owners of our company: the member farmers of FrieslandCampina. All employees worldwide are focused on adding this value, every day. 

After Royal Friesland Foods and Campina merged, we set to work on the new WCOM - World Class Operations Management program. This program has been implemented in all the operation plants/factories.

Merger after merger, a trusted partner for employer branding, from Coberco, Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods, Friesche Vlag, Royal Friesland Foods to Royal FrieslandCampina.

Over a decade we were engaged with the internal branding and employer branding strategies. It was a true pleasure to continue working for the international masterbrand Royal FrieslandCampina and the strong Dutch leading brand Friesche Vlag.

We developed the motivating communication concept: World Class the way we work. From the World Class logo, the way we work to motivational activities for employees. To make things visible and measurable on the work floor, we introduced the World Class Award. All the plants were assessed annually and rated from 1 to 5 Star Performance.

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