Holland Casino the Dutch entertainment brand, a great occasion for everyone to go out.

Holland Casino has been the official casino since 1975, today with 14 locations throughout the Netherlands. Everybody knows the brand but the casino constantly needs new exciting stimuli. In the digital world the number of visits is decreasing significantly. Time for a brand boost and some disruptive innovation.

The master brand strategy gave us limited room for out-of-the-box concepts. However, in 5 years collaboration with 2 local casinos, we've pushed the boundaries. Related to the younger clubbing trend, we came up with the new format Gaming Lounge. With new brand experience ideas every month, dozens of impactful crossmedia campaigns have been activated.

We've constantly activated new entertainment brand experiences for tens of thousands of visitors.

52 weeks a year impactful inhome and omnichannel campaigns.

For every occasion, ladies nights, poker, group arrangements, party's, holidays, specific entertainment campaigns were activated. We activated brand activities in Dutch, German, Chinese targeted on every specific focus group within the 25,000 regular customers.

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