Kloosterhaar Bouwgrondstoffen is a new joint-venture of both our client Royal Smals and Plegt-Vos. From 2022 this company continues the needed sand extraction intended for housing and infrastructure for the eastern part of the Netherlands and the German border region. Over 50 years this was a production site of sand-lime bricks and sand extraction. Read this publication.

Our branding team created a modern brand design and 'green' logo for crossmedia use. A look&feel based on the core values and sustainability principles. The brand identity has been implemented now in all the branding and signage on-site.  

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You're most welcome in our monumental coach house on the Velperweg in the creative city of Arnhem. Of course we would also be happy to come to you. All the best, Percy Labrijn - Désirée Albers
Velperweg 160  Arnhem  the Netherlands
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