For 20 years editoo has made a difference in the world of club magazines and low-cost photo books.

This is another smart business case that started in 2000 with the name SMIC. Nerds who came up with a smart solution for the easy creation and digital production of magazines. Meanwhile the grown brand editoo is valuable for over 1500 organizations and varied clubs. Further growth in the Dutch market is also planned with low-cost photo books, a nice to have and to give item.

We are very pleased that we have been able to work on the growth and prosperity of editoo since its founding.

Editoo has a clear and strong value proposition.

As a true partner we can work together for decades.

In the very beginning we developed the brand name and identity of SMIC. Over time this has become the brand editoo. We have worked on many activities, such as logo redesigns, brand activation concepts, direct marketing campaigns, modern branded website, content, artwork, inbound marketing seo, targeted google ads and facebook campaigns, joint promotions, photo books partnership such as with droomparken, and much more.

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