Distinctive branding for Hendriks Hoveniers, Hendriks Landscape, Hendriks Omheining and Barbara's Garden.

Hendriks Hoveniers is a respected family business and one of the top gardeners and landscapers in the Netherlands. From 2017 the next generation Jeroen Hendriks and Diederik Corts are the ambitious owners who will continue to grow and prosper.

We love to work with premium home & living brands. In this case we have realized a distinguished rebranding, which fits the high end positioning. The 4 businesses are now stronger positioned with an own brand name and brand label, but as a whole with 1 distinctive family brand identity. So now, they can move forward, as a top end landscaper with quality fencing, as a professional player in equestrian sports, with exclusive outdoor styling and exclusive garden furniture.

New sophisticated brand identity, group labels, brand positioning concept and designs.

It feels like yesterday, and we still love what we do with a positive flow. Every day we are grateful to learn and grow. That means today, we have a wealth of expertise and deeper insights in the most diverse directions. 

 s truly inspired craftsmen we probably handled every element of advertising, marketing and branding. Over time, we became a superspecialist in strategic, conceptual branding, storytelling, activation and crossmedia brand management.

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