Explora is a gamechanging business concept in Europe. Discover a new leisure village. The concept is created on next-level experiences based on the 3 core elements sleep, play and recharge. It will be an amazing place, ready to launch in 2023.

With our team we're the trusted advisor and founding concept creator. Every day, with a multidisciplinary team of experts, we're working on the business strategies, propositions, creative concepts, brand identity, brand designs, customer journey experiences, and a distinctive positioning. For the first impression, we've already completed a brand design, brand book and the first brand activations.

In the last 10 years we have created a new brand positioning, look and feel with TCKI.

We are engaged with our team of advisor, designer, copywriter, digital producer, crossmedia brand activator, custom wordpress web developer, google seo expert, web content manager, photographer and process manager. For management training & personal coaching sessions we worked together with ProCircle experts. Every year, we are managing recruitment campaigns on targeted focusgroups, certain services campaigns, inbound marketing flow, seo-rich content, website performance, direct mailings, brochures, events and other publications.

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