Schoonster, the new super brand in the world of cleaning and facility management.

"We believe in paying more attention to a cleaner and better living environment." This is the essence and mission of the Schoonster brand. The brand promise and positioning is completely different from what we are used to in the cleaning industry so far. It's time for a big shift with a revolutionary new business model.

The owners, an association of 20 partners trusted us to create this complete new brand. Directed by branding expert Percy Labrijn this refreshingly different Dutch top10 brand, was launched in 2016. Essential were the internal strategy sessions and workshops to form an unambiguous brand identity. At the same time we realized the brand name, logo, designs and all the brand activities, such as content, storytelling, artwork, website, mailings, seo, social media, banners, signings, sales pitches, Google Ads, and much more.

Highest value with the integrated brand concept Schoonster.oo.

Schoonster realizes significant brand growth with larger national clients.

After an orientation, the choice for our agency was made. There was a lot of confidence in our branding expertise, the inspiring leadership of Percy Labrijn and the 24/7 engagement of our team. We also have a lot of experience with national brands, new brand launches, and we also made the cleaning brand antonio shining places. This collaboration with Schoonster is great! We have been able to deliver a lot of value and received a lot of appreciation. In 5 years Schoonster realizes significant brand growth with national clients such as Tango, Picnic and Rabobank.

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